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State of the Art Golf Carts

Brookstone is proud to offer some of the best golf carts that money can buy to our players. The carts are EZ-Go's premium gas cart, which features upgraded plush seats for maximum comfort during your round, EZ-Go's quietest motor, and GPS units from IPar. 

Unlike many GPS carts, these carts will not shut off and will only beep at you if you get within 5 yards of a green, or leave the cart path on our Par 3 holes. Overall we've programmed them to ensure maximum benefit to the golfer, and no added annoyance which is the case with many GPS carts.


The GPS units will give you ranges to the front of the green, back of the green, middle of the green, any hazards and any layup spots (like on hole 9). It will also alert you if there is a "cart ahead" on holes where there are blind areas due to elevation change. Lastly, the GPS units allow the clubhouse to track movement and pace of carts, as well as send messages to carts, so that we can work to eliminate traffic jams before they happen - thus drastically increasing the pace of play.

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